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Impulsive knitting/crocheting!

Dear Arndís, if you like it (trying it on) then you should, as often as you desire! 🙂 🙂 

After picking up the sts for knitting the rest of the cardigan I was soooo excited about it and extremely happy! See how amazingly stunning it looks…. I made a swatch, just in case…. ( although I knew it would be awesome).  Then I started knitting and then  crochet again and BOOOOOOM!



But the name will be Unnur!

I feel so sorry for you my dear Arndís.  Why on earth do we need to have a day job, it´s not fair 🙂 ….. When the worst is over we will take that weekend we´re always talking about, where it´s just you and me, yarn and needles!

Back to my cardigan, I´m a bit worried…. Just lace, all the time, all the way up, can I handle that? Doing the same shit over and over again!

As pretty as it looks, the answer is …………………………… NO!

I made a new swatch with a bit bulky alpaca .. KNITTED .. and as you can see on my new and improved sketch, stripes it is, once again!!!

But the name of the cardigan will be Unnur, that won´t change.

It´s almost time!

I´m so super excited about this shawl/scarf/necklace! I can´t wait to use it every day, when I´m cold or just when I wanna feel pretty or something.  AND I can´t wait to show it to the world 🙂 because it makes me so happy just to look at it and browse through the photos I have taken of it.

You will only get a tiny sneak peak today…. UNTIL TUESDAY!


And yes my dog really wanted to take part this time!!