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Happy Easter


Happy Easter everybody!

I´m really loving this pattern.  I had to change the design of the baby sweater because couldn’t stop making the pattern. It’s even pretty the WS as you can see in the picture


My Easter has been a combination of wonderful food, laughter and outdoor activities with the family….. And knitting a lot of knitting but no pattern writing… oh well.

In publishing news I got the February Fancy hat back from my wonderfully talented tech editor Sarah and my friend Kristjana is test knitting it. The Thorra Cardigan is ready for tech edit but I’ve decided to knit it in another color to show the pattern more so that´s on hold until I’ve finished .










Slow progress!

Well, I can´t wait to see your shawl Arndís, I´m totally in love with the colors and the texture!!!  My project, on the other hand is working up pretty slowly, my head is totally somewhere else… I want to be doing everything else than this piece.  It´s not that I´m not loving how I see it in my head, but it´s just somehow such a boring way getting there if you know what I mean. You know I want things to go quickly!


Ok, ok I get that you are not seeing what it is I´m trying to make (not really though), but  it´s going to be a decoration around your neck. But at the moment it´s a bit of a heap-yarn-crochet-blob, but a really pretty and soft heap-yarn-crochet-blob as you can see.

I´m not at all bitter about your new yarn, pens and stuff from Edinburgh (just so you know), because while you where  there I got myself an awesome crochet chair and completely turned my living room around. m3

P.s. Did I tell you already, I love your mom´s sketch!

The Harbour Project!

The Harbour Project is a joint venture with two very different designers, Arndis and Edda.  The project will start officially January 1st 2017  In the beginning of each month a picture will be posted here on our website.  Each designer will use the  picture as inspiration for a knit or crochet project.  During the month we will post our progress and on the last day of the month pictures of the two designs inspired by the picture will be posted.

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Edda Lilja Guðmundsdóttir is a seasoned knit and crochet designer.  She has published over 40 knit and crochet designs both in English and Icelandic.  Edda loves color and has a brilliant eye for color combinations. She has a degree in textile education and is currently working as a grammar school teacher in Hafnafjörður.

Arndís Ósk Ólafsdóttir is a fairly new knitwear designer and has three published designs under her belt. Arndís likes to combine knitting and cross stitching and clean contrasting colors.  She has a degree in Civil Engineering and designs water distributions by day.