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I´m done!!!!!

Thanks to #tuesdayworkdays with Arndis, my march project is finished and OMG it´s pretty.  It took a little turn, not as much as the February project but like half a U turn or so. I can´t wait to show you guys. My good co worker Íris is modeling for me tomorrow after work and she found the perfect dress to match my piece, which you can see sneaking out under the smiley face on my snapchat photo…   You will see the whole piece in only two days!


And on my publishing news, Unnur is almost ready for tech editing and test knitting.

Done !

Hang in there Edda! I´m sure that it will all come work out in the end as it tends to do 🙂

I ´m done though those last rows were taking FOREVER (as always is with huge shawls)!  My mum is a very talented artist and borrowed the shawl for some sketches.  Aren’t they beautiful?

FullSizeRender (2)

On publishing news I ´ve sent February Fancy to my trusty tech editor and I have a test knitter lined up.  So if it all works out it will be published in April.  I ‘ve almost finished writing the Thorra Cardigan but am thinking of knitting it in a lighter color so I can see the pattern better.  I started knitting it in Einrúm a silk Lopi blend but the gauge didn’t fit so back to the drawing board with that one.

Slow progress!

Well, I can´t wait to see your shawl Arndís, I´m totally in love with the colors and the texture!!!  My project, on the other hand is working up pretty slowly, my head is totally somewhere else… I want to be doing everything else than this piece.  It´s not that I´m not loving how I see it in my head, but it´s just somehow such a boring way getting there if you know what I mean. You know I want things to go quickly!

Good progress

After making a few mini shawls, which is addictive by the way, I finally decided on a pattern and boy am I having fun!  This is knitting up really quickly.  Really loving the way the textures of the Phildar.  Can’t wait to show you! My 4 year old really loved one of the mini shawls and used it all the time so choosing the right pattern was easy.


Ok, ok I get that you are not seeing what it is I´m trying to make (not really though), but  it´s going to be a decoration around your neck. But at the moment it´s a bit of a heap-yarn-crochet-blob, but a really pretty and soft heap-yarn-crochet-blob as you can see.

I´m not at all bitter about your new yarn, pens and stuff from Edinburgh (just so you know), because while you where  there I got myself an awesome crochet chair and completely turned my living room around. m3

P.s. Did I tell you already, I love your mom´s sketch!

Enough enough

OK OK enough about this xxxxxxx yarn festival. I´m just sitting here alone with my yarn at home while you browse through way to much yarn for your own good!

After the blank space in my head the last time I decided to draw an idea into my head, picked up my pens and started scribbling…… I really love where this is going!

And I´m only using yarn from my yarn stash. The one at the end to the right is from my January project Lacy stripes 🙂 …

March Shawl

For March I went to my local yarn store Storkurinn.  I tried Phildar Phil Soft + yarn for the first time last summer and totally fell in love. It’s super light and delicious.  I just love the colors and the depth they bring. I also bought a skein of Brooklyn Tweed. I haven’t worked with Brooklyn Tweed but have wanted to for a very long time.  So I think it has to be in there somewhere to give the super light Phildar some weight.

I´m think a shawl this time around. A big shawl that you can wrap around your neck multiple times while you wait for spring.

Ohh and did I mention I´m going to Edinburgh Yarn festival this week with my mum and gran for my grandmother’s 80th birthday?!?  So so so so so excited!!!!!

Blank – Empty – Nothing

I just must admit to you all…… I have nothing, no idea, nothing! BUT I can wish Arndís a happy happy birthday and because it´s your BIRTHDAY I´m sharing to you (and everyone else)this “pet project” of mine: The knit police!  Now I have a week to come up with something!!