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Good progress

After making a few mini shawls, which is addictive by the way, I finally decided on a pattern and boy am I having fun!  This is knitting up really quickly.  Really loving the way the textures of the Phildar.  Can’t wait to show you! My 4 year old really loved one of the mini shawls and used it all the time so choosing the right pattern was easy.

Impulsive knitting/crocheting!

Dear Arndís, if you like it (trying it on) then you should, as often as you desire! 🙂 🙂 

After picking up the sts for knitting the rest of the cardigan I was soooo excited about it and extremely happy! See how amazingly stunning it looks…. I made a swatch, just in case…. ( although I knew it would be awesome).  Then I started knitting and then  crochet again and BOOOOOOM!



But the name will be Unnur!

I feel so sorry for you my dear Arndís.  Why on earth do we need to have a day job, it´s not fair 🙂 ….. When the worst is over we will take that weekend we´re always talking about, where it´s just you and me, yarn and needles!

Back to my cardigan, I´m a bit worried…. Just lace, all the time, all the way up, can I handle that? Doing the same shit over and over again!

As pretty as it looks, the answer is …………………………… NO!

I made a new swatch with a bit bulky alpaca .. KNITTED .. and as you can see on my new and improved sketch, stripes it is, once again!!!

But the name of the cardigan will be Unnur, that won´t change.

Thorra Sweater – swatches and more

Well done Edda, a swatch and sketch. I love your sketches, mine are not so pretty!  I´m more of a very rough sketch type and lots of calculations type as you can see from the picture (I´m continuing the coffee theme).  


Ohh I really am loving how this Madeline Tosh is knitting with moss stitch.  Here you can see my swatches.  


After a few experiments I think I´ve decided most of the design aspects, seamless and pockets… I’m definitely thinking pockets!  

January Pride!

Arndís… ALL THE WAY to Hafnarfjordur, it´s not like it is the end of the world, it takes me like 30 minutes  to ride my bike to your house…. Ok maybe 40-45 but who´s counting? BUT I´m very happy with your choice of Shop and yarn because, surprize surprize, Madeline Tosh is my all time favorite yarn to (Please believe me people, this was not planned).

I made a sketch before going to buy yarn because you have trained me so well 🙂 these last few months.

AND, something I never do, I made a swatch! I am so proud of myself 🙂
I can’t wait for my trip to the Yarnshop tomorrow!!! (The Swatch is just some crappy old yarn I had, ofcourse I need new Skeins for this!)