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Sweet October

I´m going to tell you a little about October.  Early on we decided we wanted to, some time, make the same sweater but with different methods, crochet and knit.  So now is that time, Yayyyy.  We have decided on a design and also yarn. We are using the same yarn but in different colorways. We chose a delightful merino, silk blend from a new Icelandic indie dyer we love. Her label is called Vatnsnes yarn and we are loving the results so far….. can´t wait to show you what I´ve got startet.  We are super super excited as you can imagine. The sweaters will look the same…(ish) but you, my dear reader, fellow crocheter or knitter can choose whether you will knit it or crochet.  This is the yarn and as you can see, Arndís is still busy moving with all the boxes and stuff in the background. She´s not handling it very well, not being able to knit a lot but I know she´s doing her absolute best finishing the September shawl for Saturday.


Finally it begins!  So, how does it work, this project of ours?  This photo is our inspirational photo of the first month of The harbour project. It reminds us of our dark January days in Iceland.  We intend to design something knitted or crocheted inspired by the photo.  You will be able to follow the designing process here, on Instagram and our Facebook page.  Tuesdays are Arndis´s and Thursdays are Edda´s, BUT it could be worth your while to hit the refresh button on Sundays. The final products will be revealed the last day of each month.  Patterns will follow as soon as possible.  Each month a new photo appears  on the website.