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It´s almost time!

I´m so super excited about this shawl/scarf/necklace! I can´t wait to use it every day, when I´m cold or just when I wanna feel pretty or something.  AND I can´t wait to show it to the world 🙂 because it makes me so happy just to look at it and browse through the photos I have taken of it.

You will only get a tiny sneak peak today…. UNTIL TUESDAY!


And yes my dog really wanted to take part this time!!


Almost done!

Ohh Edda, how can you say that, Tosh is never ugly. I swear we are not on any Tosh percentages people!


I’m almost done!  The many things I really love with seamless sweaters is that when you’re done knitting, your done.  I am so happy that I decided to knit the bands whilst knitting the cardigan so there is no picking up stitches in the end.  Can´t wait to show it to you!! Here is a little sneak peak of the details!

Here is a little sneak peak of the details I was talking about! Sorry no coffee picture today, but me and Edda are meeting some american knitters tonight and are super excited!

Patience is a wirtue

LOL, Yes I´m still making a Shawl 🙂 …. I think it´s nothing I could change it to even if I wanted to.  And I can totally relate to your words Arndís: “IT´S THE TOSH, I COULDN´T RESIST” no one would!!! (At least no one of the snobby yarn addicts I know)

So here I am with my gorgeously soft wonderfulness.  What makes me frustrated though is how ugly it looks without it´s beautiful Lace Edge, (It´s like when I get a haircut, I feel so silly while she is working on my hair and I just want it to be finished!) ok maybe not ugly, but not nearly as beautiful as it is in my head with the lace.  And shall we talk about the number of ends I need to weave in…


I promise to be happier next Thursday people… I will have finished weaving in my pretty ends and started the lace 🙂 …

Lazy Stripes

Yes Arndis, I like my sketches pretty and colorful. I have to totally see how pretty my design is going to be in the end before I start calculating… when (NOT if) I get bored calculating I just look at how pretty the ugly numbers will turn up and I can keep going.

As you could  see on my sketch, it was supposed to be pure black and white (solids not handdied), with a hint of turkish on the edge (it´s hard to see on the sketch)… BUT when I entered the shop OMG all the Madeline Tosh madness….. Here are my black and white solids with a hint of very bright turkish for lace edge!!!yarnforweb

The black and whites (brown and light blue) are Madeline Tosh merino light but the gorgeous one to the right is from Zen Yarn Garden, I´m totally in love with this color combination.  And I can also tell you one thing, It´s making me feel sooooo good working with it.  

And even better with ice cream!