Lazy Stripes

Yes Arndis, I like my sketches pretty and colorful. I have to totally see how pretty my design is going to be in the end before I start calculating… when (NOT if) I get bored calculating I just look at how pretty the ugly numbers will turn up and I can keep going.

As you could  see on my sketch, it was supposed to be pure black and white (solids not handdied), with a hint of turkish on the edge (it´s hard to see on the sketch)… BUT when I entered the shop OMG all the Madeline Tosh madness….. Here are my black and white solids with a hint of very bright turkish for lace edge!!!yarnforweb

The black and whites (brown and light blue) are Madeline Tosh merino light but the gorgeous one to the right is from Zen Yarn Garden, I´m totally in love with this color combination.  And I can also tell you one thing, It´s making me feel sooooo good working with it.  

And even better with ice cream!


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