Slowly coming along

Haha typical Edda love the colors but a black and white shawl it will not be… you are still making a shawl right?


Here you can see my cast on in my favorite knitting chair (I wasn’t kidding when I said my entire wardrobe was black). I really love A-line sweaters where the decreases stops just below the bustline (if your knitting from the bottom up), I find it very flattering for my body type.img_3960

But WHY did I think that black would be a good color for a proto type? I´m really afraid the details won’t show as well, but there is no going back now because of my tight deadline. But let’s be honest: First of all I wasn’t thinking.  I was just thinking I need a nice cardigan that is perfect for work, not … I need to make it in a color that shows the pattern better. Second it´s the Tosh, I couldn’t resist. Well you live and learn!

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