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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Totally love the idea Edda but I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to be, I´m very intrigued!

Not much progress during Edinburgh Yarn festival but here are a few pictures of the festivities!


The beautiful watercolor is a sketch my mum did while me and my gran where admiring our days purchase.

March Shawl

For March I went to my local yarn store Storkurinn.  I tried Phildar Phil Soft + yarn for the first time last summer and totally fell in love. It’s super light and delicious.  I just love the colors and the depth they bring. I also bought a skein of Brooklyn Tweed. I haven’t worked with Brooklyn Tweed but have wanted to for a very long time.  So I think it has to be in there somewhere to give the super light Phildar some weight.

I´m think a shawl this time around. A big shawl that you can wrap around your neck multiple times while you wait for spring.

Ohh and did I mention I´m going to Edinburgh Yarn festival this week with my mum and gran for my grandmother’s 80th birthday?!?  So so so so so excited!!!!!

I would rather be knitting (volume 2)

Wow that lace is amazing!  

Here is what I’m thinking a simple ribbed hat/beanie with a lace detail that slowly moves up the hat/beanie. It took me a long time to find the perfect lace detail but I think I found it! By the way what is the difference between a hat and a beanie. I´m not sure . Edda you should be so proud I made a sketch!! It’s not pretty,  not pretty enough to put on the internet any way,but a sketch non the less.  I love knitting this hat/beanie but there is a slight problem… I can’t help trying it on every other row (which is really slowing down my knitting momentum)!