I would rather be knitting (volume 1)



Ohh Edda, what a beautiful post! I am super excited for your project. What a project. You know that February is the shortest month of the year right?

When I look at that picture I want to take a walk in the snow and for that you need a cozy hat.  Not too thick and you can either have it slouchy or roll it up.  My day job is a bit crazy this month so a quick project is in order.  But just so you know we have a rule that you are not allowed to have many quick projects in a row.

I´m thinking of using my DyeForYarn, fingering merino/silk superwash called “Old Raspberry ice cream” I bought at Loop when I was in London last fall.  Loop is one of those amazing candy stores for knitters. I almost bought £48 limited edition alpaca, silk cashmere blend yarn from a Verb for Keeping Warm but my mum talked me off the ledge.  Here you can see a few pictures from the trip and my spoils from Loop. Unfortunately I’m still writing up the pattern for the Thorra Cardigan  but I’m planning on finishing it for my trusty tech editor by the end of the month.  That´s the plan any way 🙂


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