Þorra sweater/Thorra sweater

So Edda!

After waiting so long to start… it´s finally here…. My first blog post….. I went to your local yarn store handprjon.is. I went all the way to Hafnarfjörður (I live in Reykjavík) because they stock Madeline Tosh and as you know I´m a total sucker for Madeline Tosh, let´s face it Madeline Tosh is highly addictive!

For this first project I´m thinking the perfect work cardigan that goes with everything and is both comfortable and presentable at the office.  Long, open and simple but with a few hidden details to keep things interesting.  I’m calling it Þorra Peysa or maybe The Thorra Sweater for you non Icelandic people because of the Þorra season that is upon us.  If you don´t know much about Þorri click here.  I bought black yarn, because… well… unlike you, my entire wardrobe is black, well..  almost.2-1-2017-18-11-30

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